Boni's Dance and Performing Arts & The Woodlands Dance Company's Funky Sock Fundraiser
The Woodlands Dance Company

The Woodlands Dance Company Funky Sock Fundraiser

Help us Help our community!  Our Nutcracker fundraiser for 2020 is benefiting the “No kill” Montgomery Animal Shelter, Boni’s Scholarship Fund and Cassidy Joined for Hope (Teen Suicide Prevention).  We will also donate one pair of socks for every 2 packs sold to the Montgomery County Women’s Center and In Abbas Arms.  We love to give back!

Catherine Williams
Lorelei Ketcherside
bonnie schuetz
Bonnie schuetz
Tracie Chiquet
Dance your socks off! 😂 From, Tracie & Marissa
Jaime Nicholson
Jessica Hapeman
Krista & Kayla Sickles
Tracy Olds
Catherine Williams

20 Days Left