Central Middle School PTO Funky Sock Fundraiser
Lauren Bailey

Central Middle School PTO Funky Sock Fundraiser

Every bundle you purchase includes three pairs of socks and $9 is donated to Central Middle School’s PTO. We thought this would be a fun way to help support the PTO. After the socks arrive, we will be having a Funky Sock Spirit Day!

All orders will be directly mailed to your home, so we can help keep everyone safe and healthy.

holley brown
Go tigers! Holley Brown
Mackay schwarz
Go Tigers!
Jennifer Conklin
Stephanie Dage
Get 'em Tigers! 🐯
Jennifer Woodward
Emily Baker
Go Tigers!
Roxane Schultz
Suzanne Weaver
So cute! Glad to help with this fundraiser!
Catherine Burke-shahin
Kristen Ellis
Go get 'em Tigers!
Carrie Ackerman
Let’s go Tigers!!
Jennifer Looper
Kara Shough
Beth Adele
Go, Tigers!
Briley wilson
Amber Smart
Carolyn Pautler
Christy de la Torre
David Meyer
Tami Miller
Connie Rogers
Go Tigers!
Karen Flores
Let’s go Tigers!!
Kelli Wilson
Seth Brown
Amanda Levine
Mary Ryan
Cindy Huse

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