Project Pink'd SOCKtober 2019
Maggie Marsh

Project Pink'd SOCKtober 2019!

In October of 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after, I learned of Project Pink’d while receiving chemo treatments. Project Pink’d is a local breast cancer group that aims to provide tools, resources and a strong network to strengthen and renew the mind, body and spirit of breast cancer survivors in Nebraska and Western Iowa from the moment of diagnosis to end of life. Project Pink’d is a volunteer-powered organization that is dedicated to helping survivors thrive in the community. They focus on survivorship after diagnosis and provide an opportunity for survivors to connect and learn from others. Project Pink’d has helped me and impacted me in numerous ways in my survivorship. I’ve been provided with items to help during treatment, notes of encouragement, knowledge through classes and seminars, inclusiveness, and friendship. I wanted to do something to giveback to an organization that gives so much to not only me, but countless others. I was lucky to be introduced to Bethany and We Help Two by a wonderful friend in the summer of 2016. I am a lover of funky socks and believe that they make great gifts. In October 2016 the SOCKtober fundraiser for Project Pink’d was born. SOCKtober 2019 will be my 4th doing this fundraiser. Each year SOCKtober gets a little bigger and I raise a little more. I am hoping 2019 is the best year yet! Please consider ordering some socks and supporting a great organization!

Lacy Urbanski
Tara Sweeney
Thank you so much! I am happy to support this organization, especially as I know how helpful it was to my dear friend Kara! Keep doing the incredible work that you are doing.
Melanie Marsh
Jenny Thompson
Janet Kipple
Cheryl Stevens
Go Project Pink’d :0)
Diane Larocque
Cynthia Sturgeon
So proud of you Maggie
Amy Thelen
Nadine Lallman
Maggie you are an inspiration and amazing soul. God blessed us all with you and I am honored to know you. I see your spirit in the girls daily. Thank you for being so strong, brave and ruthless. God Bless you
Alexandria Castro
Emily Perry
Love you Mags. Will always cherish our theatre days. So in AWE of your strength and heart to give to others. Special shout out to Bethany & Trevor, who started WeHelpTwo with a beautiful vision to do good in this world: It’s working.
Penny Thomas
Love Socktober!!! Thank you Maggie and the David Spence Foundation!
Julie Johnson
Love this! What a great way to support an amazing cause.
Brandy Soto
Laura Roccaforte
Thank you Maggie for all you do for Project Pink’d!
Lindsay Fry
Thanks Maggie!!
Shay Edie
Mona Herman
You are amazing!
Jeannie Plambeck
Amy Smith
Love the socks and love Project Pink’d!💗 (and love Maggie!!!)
Melinda Pulley
Pamela Lee
Amy Knapp
Fun way to give back to such an amazing organization! 💗Project Pink’d
Marilyn Owings
Great fund raiser.
Amber Lidgett
Dana Zoll
So glad you kicked cancer’s butt, Maggie!!
Janet Kipple
I love theses socks! I’ve ordered from Maggie the last three years! It is a great fund raiser! Go Maggie, go Project Pink’d!
Deb Wallman
Gwen Dutter
What a wonderful campaign to support ‘Project Pink’d’ 💖
Jeanette Kraft
God Bless All Survivor. JeanetteKraft
Lori Buckley
Project Pink'd is a sisterhood that empowers women to become even a better version of themselves after breast cancer! Thank you Project Pink'd.
Kris Noah
Michelle Mau
Kristen Kroll-Moen
RyAnne Elsesser
Ed Ficenec
My wife is a survivor and we both apprecate Project Pink'd
Pat Butterfield
Judy Mccarville
Forever grateful for all you do for survivors. Hugs Judy McCarville
Jeanne Kaiser RN, OCN
I want to "Thank You" for your assistance for one of my breast cancer patient that lives in Nebraska. Your help was so much appreciated.
Tacy Slater
Maggie, thank you for this fun opportunity to support Project Pink'd.
Nichole Hawkins
Amy Vacek
Thank you so much for supporting amazing women like my friend Maggie!
Michele Jackson
From another Thriver helped by Project Pink’d
Brad Kwiatek
Thank you for all that you did for my sister Beth and her family as she went through a tough round with breast cancer and came out a strong thriver! You are an awesome organization!
Kathy Witt
Project Pink'd has been so amazing supporting my sister Jeannie P. Thank you for all you do!
Denise Salzbrenner
THANK YOU Project Pink'd!! Your support throughout my cancer journey for me and my family and your continued support as a thriver mean so much!!
Donna Lammert
Lestie & Lenny Sanchez
We love you sooo much and are so proud of you everyday! #inspiration 💕

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