FCCLA Socks for Clubfoot
We Help Two

A pack of socks can change a life.

Consider these facts:

  • Every three minutes a baby is born with clubfoot.
  • 90% of children with clubfoot are born in areas where treatment options are limited.

Through the Socks for Clubfoot program, we are selling socks to raise funds to correct clubfoot in
babies around the world. Also, for every 2 packs sold, we receive a pair of socks to donate to a
local community organization.

Please help us reach our goal and help babies suffering with clubfoot by purchasing a pack of funky
socks for $10 today!

Local giveback: 
For every two packs of socks sold, we will also receive a pair of socks that will be donated to the
Oasis Center in Nashville.

About the Oasis Center:
In 1969, a group of young lawyers came together to establish the “Rap House,” a simple community
center for runaway teens and youth struggling with addictions. Fifty years later, the “Rap House” has
evolved into Oasis Center, where nearly 4,000 youth and families turn for help and direct support
every year.

Oasis Center provides a wide range of opportunities that reflect the diverse needs of
youth and their families, from crisis intervention to youth leadership and community engagement to
college and career access. Our 20+ programs and services are based on the foundation of four
areas for youth success – Safety, Belonging, Empowerment, and Generosity. All of our work is also
firmly rooted in the evidence-based principles of Positive Youth Development and Trauma-Informed

FCCLA’s Ultimate Leadership Fund
A portion of the funds raised will also be donated to the Ultimate Leadership Fund, FCCLA’s newest
annual giving campaign. The Ultimate Leadership Fund provides affiliation support grants to
chapters in need. Through your generous contribution to the Ultimate Leadership Fund, FCCLA can
continue to enhance the lives of youth across the nation. As of May 31, 2021, $18,984 has been
raised through FCCLA’s Ultimate Leadership Fund and has awarded grants to 90 chapters across
28 states, helping to affiliate approximately 1,839 students!

14 Days Left

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